Creating innovative solutions together

Novusoft is a software company with an enthusiastic team of software developers and technical designers. We accept challenges and work together to get the job done.

The dialog specialist

We specialize in developing, maintaining and optimizing online dialogs. Sales funnels, webforms and online surveys are all examples of dialogs.
We know that managing dialogs is a challenge. That is why we have developed the NovuDialog platform, which includes tools and packages for efficient dialog management. Get in contact to learn more about our platform.
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Our Story

Novusoft opening

Novusoft was founded in 2002 by Jean-Pierre Kroezen en Gert-Jan Kerpershoek. Our aim is and has always been to keep innovating and to make use of the latest technologies to create future-proof solutions. We reflect this in our company name, which is a composition of two words:

  1. Novus: meaning novel or innovative
  2. Soft: is short for software

We have a long-term relationship with the Dutch insurance industry. With our knowledge of insurances and their technical challenges, we help many insurance companies build dynamic dialogs.
Nowadays, we use the NovuDialog platform to build and maintain dialogs for organizations in various other industries.

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Our office

Novusoft is located in a modern office at Vijfhoek 9 in Enkhuizen. At Novusoft we believe that the well-being of our team is the key to our success.
Our open workspaces with an abundance of natural light, sit/stand desks and a table tennis table help our team to stay happy and healthy.

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Our partners

We believe that we can create the best solutions by collaborating with partners who are focused and who complement us. We work with various partners. One of our partners is Microsoft. We use the latest technologies of the Microsoft stack to create future-proof solutions.
With our partner Bikkelhart, an expert in designing and optimizing online sales, we have a special relationship. Together with Bikkelhart we offer the sales funnel solution Flexfunnel. Many organizations in the financial sector already experience the advantages of Flexfunnel.

Let's get in contact

Want to discover how your organization can benefit from our future-proof solutions? Our team is ready to answer all your questions!