Novusoft B.V. greatly values the privacy of their customers. Therefore your personal data is handled with utmost of care.

Processing user data

When you submit a form through our site, we ask for personal data. This data is only once made available for processing by you. Afterwards your data will never be made available to third parties. During processing we comply with the Personal Data Protection Regulation in it's entirety.

Novusoft processes your user data for the following purposes:

Novusoft B.V. only stores user data within the European Economic Area (EEA). In case of storage outside of the EEA, Novusoft B.V. will ask for explicit permission for this.

General Data Protection Regulation

Our employees are bound to a confidentiality and data-breach clause and will suffer an appropriate penalty in case of a violation of the confidentiality clause which is specified in their contract.

All provided user data or business of importance are treated in absolute confidentiality.

Additionally, the provided user data is only used for the previously mentioned purposes and shared with the people within our organisation who deem it a necessity to take note of said user data.

Novusoft B.V. takes the following actions to reduce the risk of loss of user data to a minimum:

  • Good, organized and technical security of our (customer)systems;
  • We prescribe at least the same security requirements to third parties;
  • User data is only handled by those whose functions deem it necessary.
  • The (user)data is never stored longer than absolutely necessary;
  • In case of a claim to the 'right be forgotten' Novusoft will delete all (user)data unless there is a legal retention period.


When there are complaints regarding the way Novusoft B.V. handles user data, you can file a complaint to our management.

Data protection

Cookie Statement


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