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1. Get the job done

  • Work with an enthusiastic team of developers and technical designers who are best-in-class and have a lot of knowledge and experience.
  • Changes in the development process are common. Let’s adapt to changes in the process and show flexibility where needed to create solutions that meet all requirements. Work agile with the Scrum approach.
  • You want your project to be ready in time. We make sure to meet your deadlines and to get the job done.

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2. The dialog specialist

  • Building and maintaining dynamic and effective dialogs is a challenge. With our dialog platform and our experienced developers we help you build the best webforms, sales funnels and online surveys.
  • Benefit from our knowledge of, and experience in, building dynamic dialogs. With our dialog platform we setup new dialogs quickly. From there we can easily extend the dialog by connecting external services and by creating specific interactions.
  • Many professional organizations already profit from our dialog solutions. From small businesses to large corporations.

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3. Experience and innovation

  • Use our dialog platform to maintain your dialogs; simultaneously develop new features and start optimizing based on analytics or user feedback.
  • Benefit from our continuous improvements on the dialog platform. We use the latest technologies of the Microsoft stack (.NET Core Framework, Azure etc.) to keep your dialogs up to date.
  • For more than 15 years, we are a solid partner in developing and maintaining advanced solutions. Our expertise is backed up by our Microsoft Gold partnership.

Novusoft employee

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