The dialog specialist!

Novusoft develops online applications with a focus on dialogs.

With NovuDialog we offer the best dialog-platform for the development and maintenance of webforms, sales funnels and online surveys. Our solutions
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Your partner in online applications

  • We build and maintain online applications for many professional organizations.
  • Throughout the years we developed a dialog-platform which helps to create, maintain and optimize webforms, sales funnels and online surveys in a centralized environment.
  • With our focus on innovation and continuous improvements on the dialog-platform, we make sure that your dialogs remain future proof.

Our solutions


A platform built by Novusoft for the development and maintenance of dialogs (webforms, sales funnels and online surveys). Create dynamic dialogs in a centralized environment, integrate everywhere and keep optimizing.


Flexfunnel helps you create sales funnels with a UX-design for optimal conversion. Our partner Bikkelhart designs the best funnels and knows how to create flexible funnels for optimal conversion. Novusoft has the best technical solutions.


Easily integrate our online Dutch insurance comparison tool in your website. Use the broker portal to configure your insurance products. Up and running in one day!


Like a search engine, information-seeking users ask the knowledge base questions. The knowledge base responds with an answer or sends the question to our hands-off NovuQnA application. Here a person is asked to answer the question. The knowledge base learns from the process.


Collaborate with us to create a professional website with our Novucura CMS, which is based on Microsoft ASP.NET. Profit from the robustness and flexibility of our CMS.


Do you have a software related question or idea? We would like to think along with you to come up with a creative and future-proof solution.

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